When we think about potential disasters that could affect us both personally and professionally, it is common to picture the most dramatic of natural, flood, earthquake, tornadoes.  And absolutely, there is a distinct possibility that you will experience at least one of these natural disasters in your lifetime. I'm sure the massive tornado that hit Texas last month really did make folks feel like the sky was falling.  Estimated damage from that tornado is over 1 BILLION dollars.  It will take months, even years to, businesses...lives.  BUT...the little bit of light in an otherwise bleak future is this...those businesses that actually had a Business Continuity Plan in place ARE STILL UP AND RUNNING!!

Or what about the deadly terrorist attack in San Bernardino that also occurred last month? Lives were lost, many were injured and it was truly horrific.  There were many clients who weren't even there who were yet affected by this tragedy.  These clients depend on the services that are facilitated by the Regional Center. The Center was closed for a month. How would they be able to continue servicing their clientele?  The good news in an otherwise awful experience is that the employees of the Regional Center were still able to service their clients from laptops at home while repairs were swiftly completed to make their return possible.  But, HOW is this possible?  How would YOU be able to keep your business afloat in the aftermath of such a devastating situation?

Simply, when there is a BCP in place...

 An emergency preparedness team is established

Essential services/functions are identified

Required skill sets and staff reallocation is identified and established

Potential issues are identified

 A plan for each essential service/function is prepared

The plan is compared with "preparedness checklist"

All is reviewed with emergency preparedness team

The plan is regularly revised, reviewed and updated...


With these steps in place, a business can keep running even if, and ESPECIALLY IF a disaster has occurred.  But, consider this.  There are much more common occurrences that can stimey your business.  What if...

A water pipe burst and left your offices uninhabitable for weeks?

There was a theft or vandalism of your computer equipment, machinery or vehicles?

There was a significant power outage?

There was an I.T. systems failure?

There was an outbreak of disease or infection in your company?

There was a crisis affecting suppliers?

All of these situations are far more common,  unfortunately,  than a natural disaster in everyday business.  Any one of these events could wreak havoc on a business, perhaps even shut it down permanently.  But with a BCP in place, business, somewhat as usual, will keep going.

I've mentioned before in other blogs, that there are many cities around our country that REQUIRE a business to have a BCP in place before they open their doors...that's how important this is.

Your business, big or small, and those that you employ, depend on you to be smart in your decisions.  One of the smartest things you can do to sustain your business is to establish a BCP.  Contact Alcala Consulting today for a free consultation.