With such a vast selection of apps available to download, it's hard to decide what to choose, or even know everything that IS available.

So, I decided to research the top 5 Smart phone FREE apps that are really not being used...but should be!  These 5 apps are available for both iOS and Android.


De-stress, cope with anxiety, and get the negativity out of your life with Pacifica, a mobile habit-forming app that teaches users to be mindful of their emotional well-being. A daily mood tracker is designed to help you log your emotional state, with text notes to help you review the things that set you off, make you happy or help you cope. Daily tasks such as guided meditations, thought analysis and other mini-activities use a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and relaxation techniques help break the anxiety cycle and relax. Signing up to a premium subscription unlocks unlimited use of Pacifica's activities, as well as private messaging features.


Keep your photos and videos on the level with Horizon, an iOS camera app that automatically shoots horizontal photos and videos with the help of your iPhone's internal gyroscope. Horizon always keeps your videos and photos horizontal, however you hold your device. The app supports a variety of resolutions and aspect ratios, a variety of leveling modes, slow motion video capture, as well as eight built-in filters. The free tier includes a watermark, and locks some of the fancier features such as 2k video and slow-mo, which can be removed with in-app purchases.


Practice+ is a multipurpose utility app for musicians, providing a variety of tools to help make the most out of practice sessions. Practice+ comes with a configurable metronome, tuner, recorder, setlist, pitch player and looping tools. Each of those is packed with a wealth of settings and features, allowing you to set everything to your liking. The app is free to try, with in-app purchases unlocking advanced features. From practicing, to tuning, and even on-stage, Practice+ is a versatile toolkit for the music enthusiast or professional.


Reddit's regular Ask Me Anything or AMA sessions feature community-led interviews of notable people such as politicians, actors, scientists and more. Everyone from Barack Obama, Peter Dinklage and Neil deGrasse Tyson participate in online interviews where Redditors ask them anything. The official Ask Me Anything app allows users to participate in active AMAs, as well as enjoy archives of AMAs by a variety of guests from just about every field under the sun.

And our #1 app is...


RockMyRun delivers specially designed music mixes with consistent energy and tempo to help you make the most out of your running and exercise routine. Mixes run the whole gamut of genres and time periods, from hip-hop to rock, 90s to Oldies and dubstep to classical. Another neat feature is "myBeat" technology that can adjust each mix's energy level to your step pace, heartbeat or through manual adjustment. The app also integrates with other exercising apps such as Runkeeper and MapMyRun, allowing you to record your runs while RockMyRun keeps going. The free tier provides mixes of up to 45 minutes, and is ad-supported. A premium subscription removes ads and provides longer workout mixes.

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