Tips to make better use of Mac’s El Capitan

Apple products are known to boost productivity. And with the latest addition of their new OS for Mac, they have once again delivered some handy tools to ensure your computing experience is even easier. Here are a few of our favorite El Capitan tips to help you navigate your Mac smoothly and use applications more efficiently.


I love coffee...which is why I love coffee houses.  So I frequent coffee houses all the time.  There never is a time that I'm in a coffee house that it isn't filled with students, writers, on-line shoppers, YouTube aficionados...all ardently conducting  their business on their laptops or tablets.

It Ain’t What It Used To Be…Tech Advancements in Diabetes Care…by dStringer

November is Diabetes Awareness Month; sad to say, this disease has touched my family very deeply.  I watched my grandmother lose her sight, watched my uncle disappear piece by piece.  Now a couple of cousins are suffering through the trials and tribulations of Diabetes BUT...with so many wonderful technological advancements, the suffering is perhaps a little less traumatic.


Every month there is another cause to support, sometimes several of them.  In some ways, the multitude of "cause" issues have rendered the campaigns a bit mundane.  Unfortunately, with domestic violence, the constant reports of abuse from the everyday household to the celebrity keeps this issue in the news and far from being mundane.


With such a vast selection of apps available to download, it's hard to decide what to choose, or even know everything that IS available.

So, I decided to research the top 5 Smart phone FREE apps that are really not being used...but should be!  These 5 apps are available for both iOS and Android.

Can You Use a Tech Tip or Two…or A Few? by dStringer

I am often surprised how the smallest of technological troubles often times create quite an issue with time management and of course, with stress management...I.E. non efficiency.  None of us have time to waste...yet, I confess, I am one of those people who get caught up trying to figure out a minor problem and waste an inordinate amount of time doing so, or plug along executing a procedure, when there exists a more efficient way of accomplishment.

Safety Tips if Your “Traveling Companion” Is Your Lap Top…by DStringer

Hitting the road with your computer opens the doors to a whole world of potential security problems, both physical and software-based, but don't worry. They're all manageable. Remember, the weakest link in your security will usually be you—as long as you don't put yourself, your computer, or its data at undue risk, you should be just fine even if you have to work from a library or a coffee shop, or connect to whatever Wi-Fi you find to get some work done.