I have really gotten into researching the importance of "Business Continuity Planning", and the psychology behind it.  So, let's start with what a "Business Continuity" or "BC" Plan is...

"A business continuity plan is a plan to continue operations if a place of business is affected by different levels of disaster which can be localized short term disasters, to days long building wide problems, to a permanent loss of a building".

The first word in that paragraph that strikes a fearful chord in the hearts of many is "disaster".  No one wants to think about a disaster striking them or their loved ones, but with over 600 disasters, natural or technical, happening worldwide annually, the odds are likely that you'll be involved in one in your lifetime.  And yet, the psychology of the frequency of procrastination when it comes to Disaster Preparedness, or in the case of business, "BC" planning,  is astounding.

Psychologically, emotion wins out over common sense.  The idea that perhaps, if we allow ourselves to  "think" about a disaster striking, and actually design and execute plans of survival and recovery from it, lures us into a ludicrous state of believing that we are actually willing said disaster to strike.  Of course, that is not true. But, the uncomfortable feelings generated in just "thinking about it", prevents us time and time again from taking action and putting a plan in place. And without a plan in place...that's where the REAL disaster is waiting to happen.

Oh...we go through all of the excuses..."it's not going to happen to me", "a BC Plan is too expensive"...etc.  Facts are, there are earthquakes, floods and fires every day, and, more commonly how many people do you know who lost everything to a hard drive disaster?  Moreover, to weigh the cost of a BC Plan verses the cost of a total loss of the business you worked so hard and so long to build...there just is no comparison.

The importance of a BC Plan is so paramount, there are many cities and local governments that will not allow a business to open their doors in their community without a viable Business Continuity Plan.

But there is more to a "BC" plan than the all-important decision to execute one..

The keys to a successful BC Plan are not only analytics and strategies, but most importantly support and awareness from management and employees.  You can create the perfect plan, but without your staff being aware of it, and being comfortable with it, you might as well have done nothing.

Lastly, it would be a good idea to employ an I.T. Consulting firm to assist you in formulating and executing your plan.  Suffice to say, you want a I.T. company that has a great reputation and specializes in this area.

Of course, Alcala Consulting can help.  Business Continuity Plans and strategies ARE one of our specialties, and we DO have the reputation to prove it.

Disaster can strike at any moment...Don't be afraid to face that probability head on; put a plan in place that protects your hard earned dream, your family's livelihood, and the livelihood of the people you employ.

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