Vulnerabilities in popular printers

What harm could possibly come from printing a document? According to some researchers who performed a large-scale analysis of printer attacks, a lot. These could be in the form of Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks, which are as devious as they sound, or attacks made through extracted print jobs. Today, we unveil the mechanics of this […]

HIPAA in 2017: 3 crucial considerations

When talking about IT within the healthcare industry, it’s pretty difficult for conversations to stray too far from HIPAA compliance. And as the number of audits and penalties continue to increase, those conversations only become more prevalent. As small- and medium-sized businesses review their policies at the beginning of a new year, let’s cover some […]

Potential IT security issues in 2016

As a small or medium-sized business owner or manager, it’s only to be expected that you want to keep your company safe from cyber attacks and hacking attempts. But how much do you really know about online safety? With massive corporations such as Sony falling victim to attack, cyber security has never been more in […]


I love coffee...which is why I love coffee houses.  So I frequent coffee houses all the time.  There never is a time that I'm in a coffee house that it isn't filled with students, writers, on-line shoppers, YouTube aficionados...all ardently conducting  their business on their laptops or tablets.

THIS IS NO JOKE…by dorothy stringer

Identity theft, social engineering, phishing,...these are all terms that are part of our life, whether you are aware or not.  We are so tied to our computer and the internet.  And even if you are not technically savvy, the world around you is, and because of that, your security is tied in with the world.


We at "Alcala Consulting" are constantly looking for new, innovative, and "user-friendly" ways to make the "World of Technology" less intimidating for our clients and potential clients.  Ultimately, we pride ourselves in being available to lift the "Technological Burden" off of business owners.