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The Laserfiche document management product suite comprises a modular set of capture, distribution, process management and integration tools. Designed to solve problems in the real world, Laserfiche products work together to balance sometimes competing points of view without compromising the basics of efficiency, security or technical workability.

Laserfiche Document Management and Records Management Platforms

The digital archival and retrieval core of your enterprise, departmental or standalone solution.


Comprehensive paper scanning and electronic document import solutions that prepare information for efficient electronic retrieval and distribution.


Web, CD and COLD solutions that deliver instant, secure information access within your office, to the reaches of your organization and beyond.


Efficiency and accountability-enhancing document routing, e-mail notification and audit trail reporting.

Audit Trail

Enable precise tracking of document usage to monitor who views which document when.


A complete set of integration tools that streamline custom application development and integration with existing technology.

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