How do you maximize competitive edge from technology?


What separates companies able to leverage the constant and rapid evolution of business technology from those that can’t?

A tool for assessing the business priorities, technology issues, infrastructure health, and new opportunities among applications every quarter.

Leveraging the non-technical Quarterly Business Reviews is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the technology curve.

Click Start to choose your role and complete the questionnaire in about five minutes.

  • Business focused
    Non-technical; management and business focused online survey made for CEOs
  • Complete view
    Comprises questions for the Leadership, the internal IT champion and the managed service provider.
  • Comprehensive report
    Results are ready right after finishing the survey. The service provider facilitates the review.
  • Trends
    Analyzes the trends of issues and key metrics to make sure your organization best leverages the ever-changing world of technology solutions.
  • Measure the unmeasurable
    Gauges the ability of your IT operation to execute its top priorities.

Purpose of the Quarterly Business Review

A business and its technology need to keep aligned. To this end, regular meetings bring critical value - to discover what advances in technology and modern infrastructure can offer, and to reiterate the current business objectives. Just a concise enterprise assessment within an efficient business meeting will help to keep the organization ahead of the curve.

About the session

We are going to gather business information from the leadership, application related information from the internal IT champion, and infrastructure related information from the team.

Then we put together a three page report from these sources, and go through the QBR process to identify continually evolving business requirements. It’s been our experience that getting leaders, the people responsible for the IT and the service provider together regularly in an engaging session increases accountability, service quality and customer success.