Join us here at ‪‎Alcala Consulting‬ next month (May) for a workshop conducted by our ‪Security Expert‬, Amade Nyirak, that will specifically focus on improving your business's ‪‎cyber security‬ status, with a special focus on combating ‪‎social engineering‬ and raising human security awareness. Attendees will learn to protect their business and assets from ‪‎phishing‬, snooping, sniffing, whaling, tailgating and many other techniques used by malicious hackers and thieves...the folks out there that our CEO, Marco, commonly refers to as ‪‎the bad guys‬! Learn what the bad guys are using to cause $25k to $100k per incident to businesses, recognize patterns, prevent breaches and stop losses in progress.

Stay tuned for more info, as we are still working out the fine points, including the exact date. BUT, you can email us with questions now!! Please contact us at [email protected] ...

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