The advantages of using a cloud-based OMS

The advantages of using a cloud-based OMS

In today’s business world, having a cloud-based OMS can give you a big advantage. The cloud offers many benefits, including the ability to access your data from anywhere, scalability, and cost savings. A cloud-based order management system (OMS) is a great choice for eCommerce businesses. Read on to learn more about the advantages of using a cloud-based OMS.

What does an OMS do?

While the terms inventory management system and order management system tend to be used interchangeably, there is a difference between the two. An inventory management system helps you figure out what people want and need so you can stock up on those items. On the other hand, an order management system helps you handle the orders that are coming in in real time. A traditional OMS system is installed on a company’s own servers, so the company has full control over the system and its features. Traditional OMS systems are also generally more expensive than cloud-based systems, since they require upfront costs for hardware and software.

On the other hand, a cloud-based OMS enables eCommerce businesses to track orders for goods and services from a centralized dashboard that can be accessed by your staff anytime, anywhere on any internet-connected device. In general, it can help you better organize orders into a coherent and manageable workflow by:

  • Updating your website to reflect when certain items are out of stock
  • Automating payment authorizations and integrating these with your shipping services
  • Providing reports to customers about their order’s shipping status
  • Automatically restocking products and materials once they dip below a certain level
  • Automatically processing refunds and returns
  • Monitoring your business while you’re on the go
  • Storing data in a more efficient and less costly manner
  • Ensuring your data is protected in the event of a disaster

There are certain OMS platforms with unique capabilities that make them suitable for particular business structures. This makes it all the more important to find a solution that reduces the most tedious organizational tasks for tracking your store’s orders.

What are the benefits of a cloud-based OMS?

Using a cloud-based OMS offers several key advantages:

Enhanced decision-making

With a cloud-based OMS, you have all the information you need to make smarter business decisions at the tip of your fingers, including consumer behavior, market trends, and product performance.

Improved visibility

A cloud-based OMS offers a consolidated view of your orders and inventory in real time, allowing you to stay on top of the entire fulfillment process so you never miss a sale. This also enables you to optimize inventory levels while minimizing surplus.

Additionally, an OMS gives you better visibility into your business’s processes, so you can easily identify issues and make the necessary adjustments to achieve operational efficiency.

Faster delivery

When a customer places an order, your cloud-based OMS will choose the warehouse or fulfillment center closest to them as well as the method of fulfillment. A fulfillment request will then be sent automatically to the warehouse so the customer’s item can be immediately prepared and shipped out.

Fewer errors

Using a cloud-based OMS allows you to automate various stages of order processing, eliminating the need to manually enter and update order details. This reduces the risk of error, increasing your eCommerce business’s operational efficiency.

Lower costs

With fewer errors, you can save time and effort as you no longer need to correct inaccurate order information. This also means your business saves on labor. And because a cloud-based OMS requires virtually no hardware, you can also eliminate installation, maintenance, repair, and other associated costs.

As eCommerce continues to grow in popularity, a cloud-based OMS will become an essential tool for businesses that want to stay competitive. If you’re not already using a cloud-based OMS, now is the time to make the switch. Contact us today to learn more about this amazing tool.