The ever-evolving world of technology presents a very unique challenge to those of us presented with the stewardship of navigating corporations through the sometimes choppy waters of Cloud Computing and Cyber Security.  It is our job, primarily and most importantly, to put our corporate client's mind at ease.  After all, the corporate CEO has the challenge of driving business. Nothing can get in the way of that focus, certainly not I.T. concerns.

Our challenge then, is to make sure our clients are absolutely worry free when it comes to their technology.  As with any service-based company, the general rules apply.  We pride ourselves in our 24/7 customer service.  Our staff is courteous, friendly and most of all, knowledgeable.

Knowledgeable...a very important point to be sure.  And a unique challenge in the "tech" industry, considering there is breaking news and bulletins to absorb every day.

In a recent survey, tech based employees were asked to list the top five corporate business tech challenges...

Here are the results...

  1. Security is always the top priority. This includes antivirus, prevention of phishing attacks, vulnerability assessment, access control, and identity management.  Security threats are evolving and the need for security technologies and new ways to handle risks will always be there.  This presents an ongoing challenge to us, and every technology based business.  For this reason, we are constantly educating our staff on the newest and most innovative means of staying ahead of cyber criminal activity.
  2. Compliance comes in second especially in regard to regulated industries such as healthcare, government and banking. Ongoing assessments and preparation is needed for audits to avoid costly fines and loss of reputation.  Because compliance regulations evolve and tighten, I.T. companies need to be constant and diligent with this particular challenge.
  3. BYOD (Bring your own device) pertains to the thousands of new "unmanageable" post-PC era devices that are not regularly updated or don't comply to corporate policies. All pose a great security risk and unpredictability.  A dicey challenge indeed; which is why we make absolutely sure all employee devices are in compliance with corporate regulations by uploading codes and passwords to any and all devices.  No employee device can be used in congruence with corporate business practices without this information being individually entered.  This added step equals added insurance.
  4. Migration to the Cloud is another biggie. In order to stay competitive, corporations need to implement new technologies rapidly and decrease costs.  Cloud systems are relatively new and many migration solutions are not fully developed yet.  But our company is on top of all the latest systems and we conduct regular reviews of all the newest migration components to be able to offer the best tools to our clients.
  5. And lastly, getting rid of existing legacy infrastructure and introducing new technologies continues to be a very specific challenge. Maintaining the balance between existing legacy infrastructure vs implementing new technologies is never easy.  Let's face it, normally change is never easy, so to be sure, technology to most is a very intimidating frontier and therefore, most are mega resistant to this challenge!  In this instance, an I.T. company needs to be sensitive to the need to refresh management skills and the constant pressure of resource allocation.  In other words, the challenge here is to make sure our human side shines just as bright as our geeky side!

All of us here at Alcala Consulting find the constant challenges in the world of technology is what makes our industry so exciting!  Staying five steps ahead of the Technical Evolution is a necessity to offer the best service to our clients.

Experience the unique satisfaction of knowing your company is well served and protected by taking advantage of our free consultation!  We look forward to the challenge!!