LIFE TURNS ON A DIME…by d.Stringer

LIFE TURNS ON A DIME…by d.Stringer

A friend of mine, Turner, lost his wife about a three years ago.  They had been high school sweethearts, and had married right after graduation.  They had been together, counting their marriage, over 50 years when she passed from cancer.  When she entered hospice, he never left her side.  And since her passing, he has never been the same.

He started a plastics business about 40 years ago, and it was thriving up until his wife's illness.  Funny...the business had survived several economic climates, and actually had held its own during these "downturns".  But Turner was at the helm of his ship, steering it through all the financially "choppy" waters his business encountered.  He was the consummate businessman, and his business grew because of that.  But when he lost his life partner, the love of his life, Turner dove into a depression so severe, nothing could shake him loose from it, not even the business he built from scratch and that held such passion for him for nearly four decades.  Nothing mattered to Turner anymore.  He didn't care.

But his key people and his employees cared and did what they could to keep the business afloat.  Without Turner's influence and engagement, however, the business faltered severely.  Eventually, the business failed.

Now, not only had Turner lost his wife, but he had lost his other love.  Not to mention, all of his loyal employees lost their livelihoods connected with that business, and their faith and confidence in Turner.  They empathized with his pain, but they all shared the belief that there was SOMETHING Turner could have done to save the business.

There was.  Turner could have...should have invested in a Business Continuity Plan.  Had a "BCP" been in place, the business would have survived this crisis, and/or any other.

I have blogged about "BCP's" before, in the text of natural or technical disasters.  But, personal disaster is far more common, and far more debilitating and devastating.  And I think little is known about Business Continuity Plans in general, let alone specifics about what a "BCP" can cover.

ANY crisis can happen ANY time.  Such a common sense statement, and yet, most of us have not adopted the "plan for the worst-hope for the best" philosophy.  Statistically, most people procrastinate, and fool themselves into a false sense of security, believing that something terrible can never happen to them.

Why can't it?  What makes me, or you, or anyone that special?  The cold, hard fact is...nothing.  Nothing cocoons us into such protection that a crisis of some magnitude, an earthquake, a hard drive meltdown, long term illness, or the loss of a loved one doesn't affect us in some way and turns every day life upside down.

If you are a business owner, or a CEO, you must consider this!  HOWEVER, the affects of a crisis can be deterred  with a Business Continuity Plan.  Frankly, it can save your company.  Fact is, one out of four businesses never recover from a crisis.  That is an astronomical figure - 25% of all businesses will fail in the aftermath of a disaster. But if a "BCP" is in place?

As mentioned before, Business Continuity Plans are viewed as so critical, some municipalities will not allow a new business to open its doors in their community without a "BCP" in place.

Alcala Consulting specializes in many services...but THIS, by far, is probably THE most important service we can provide.

And if cost is the factor that prevents the execution of a "BCP", consider this...weigh the option of that cost, verses the cost of the loss of a company.  A loss of a company is like a pebble thrown into a lake...there is a ripple effect that touches many, many people and many, many circumstances, from an employee's pocketbook all the way to government revenue.

I don't know what more can be written, but I will say this.  Whether you use Alcala Consulting (we hope you do!) or any other reputable I.T. Group, the time is up for hesitation on this issue.  Protect yourself, your family, your loyal employees and their families, and get started on your "BCP" today...

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