IS DATA BACK-UP PART OF YOUR “DISASTER” KIT??  by dorothy stringer

In the news recently, it seems there have been more natural disaster phenomenons globally, occurring almost daily.  Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Floods, Fires.  We are all warned and drilled on the importance of preparing for and keeping a "disaster kit" our case in Southern California, it is known as an "Earthquake Kit". The essentials are packed in the kit...water, food, batteries.  But, have we thought about what happens to the precious data that is stored in our computer systems in the event of a natural disaster...or any kind of glitch in the system, for that matter?  Sensitive information can be lost forever or severely compromised in the event of a disaster, big or small.  It is for this reason that it is essential to start considering a "Disaster Recovery Plan"...NOW.

Disaster Recovery, or "Business Continuity" Plans are essentially "road maps" that offer responses to a variety of problems that would possibly occur in the event of a disaster.  A plan would identify critical assets such as technological infrastructure and/or sensitive corporate data.  More importantly, it would offer protections  against natural disasters and cyber attacks.  And here is something for consideration as well...Many corporations consistently deal with 3rd party entities, such as key partners or vendors.  What if they were to go off line for some reason?  Would operations in your company cease as a result?  A "DRP" (Disaster Recovery Plan) would certainly even address this issue.  Most importantly, it would ease your mind.

The importance of a "DRP"  is a foregone conclusion.  Its paramount seriousness so significant, that government regulations all but require industries such as healthcare, energy and finance to have a plan in place. 

So then, why is it so difficult to get compliance from businesses?  Well, cost is definitely a factor. A adequate "DRP" can add up to thousands of dollars.  Trying to calculate the cost verses the protection, what is essential, and what is justifiable can be mind bending, to say the least, and especially when most of us are still handicapped when trying to understand I.T.  But, the cost of doing nothing can be calamitous.

Consider setting priorities when budgeting for a "DRP".  Perhaps your company can live without certain software for a few days, or possibly even entire lines of businesses.  In the face of a disaster, maybe preserving your highest-margin business and letting the rest go would be the answer.

In any case, the good news is, getting advice from and consulting with a reputable, credible I.T. Support firm is the first and most intelligent step in formulating a "DRP" with which you are comfortable and is affordable.  Alcala Consulting specializes in "DRPs", and can offer you a free consultation to discuss this with you.  Contact us toll free at 877-791-4400.