OK...let's first say, I'm not a "techno geek", like most of the folks I know in the world of Internet Technology.  So, I realize that perhaps, this opinion won't be shared and indeed, may be somewhat unpopular among my friends, associates...and you, the reader.

Still, I feel I'm providing a service by sharing my opinion on several reasons why purchasing a "smart watch" may prove to be...not so smart.

Primarily, and probably most importantly, these items are not cheap. The Apple Watch starts at $350 and goes all the way up to a couple grand.  The Android is not much better, with its starting price at $250.

Now, one can argue that over a bit of time these prices will decline, and that's probably true.  But, as technology marches forward, no sooner will you make your purchase, and a new, more advanced, better, super duper version will replace it, therefore rendering your "smart watch" obsolete, not much sooner than at point of purchase.

Secondly, outside of monitoring health stats, a smart watch doesn't do a whole lot. AND, as far as health stats go, a much less expensive purchase such as a wearable Jawbone Up or Fitbit can easily and efficiently monitor your stats.  (A Fitbit can be purchased for a starting price of about $60).  Chances are, you’re not wearing a “regular” watch because of your smartphone, so why take a half step forward to compromise and put notifications on your wrist? At the end of the day, you’re really just giving yourself license to dive into your pocket, and you don’t need an excuse to habitually pick up a phone.

There is also size to consider.  A "smart watch" is big and bulky.  If you are not a regular watch wearer, this will DEFINITELY be cumbersome to you.  If you do regularly wear a watch, you may find the girth somewhat stylish, but the bulk of the watch may soon become bothersome to you as well.

Finally, did you know a "smart watch" needs to be tethered to a "smart phone" to be worth anything?  Plus, there isn't much a "smart watch" does that your "smart phone" already isn't doing. So, why spend the money if your phone is already performing the tasks?  And let's face it...for most of us, many of the bells and whistles on a "smart phone" are rarely utilized.  So, unless you are of the group of folks that just have to have the "latest, greatest" as soon as it's available for purchase, and you have some money to burn, I would say that purchasing a "smart watch" may not be the smartest thing to do.